Chapter 1 Order

The order of topics in Chapter 1 is currently Navigation, Basic Rules, Common Terms, Example of Play, Character Creation, Ability Scores, and Build Points. This order is open for discussion.

Color or B&W

Ideally each books would have color headings and thumb indexes but that will add a significant cost. Given there are no images, black and white is also an option.

Thumb Index on Left Page

Most books that have a thumb tab index only have it on the right hand page. We are considering including them on the left hand page. The thought being you would be able to traverse the book in either...

Book Titles

Applies to: All 3 booksThe current working titles for the 3 BlueFlame books are Player Bible, Gamemaster Bible, and Monster Bible. The reason for the Bible moniker is two fold. Firstly, the boos are comprehensive in nature and should nbever need additional volumes....